Playing beer pong in the middle of traffic probably isn’t the safest way to make the local news YouTube Screenshot

People go to great lengths to make viral videos these days.

Risking life and limb (remember that ridiculously short-sighted fire challenge?) is just another way of racking up tons of page views in a quest to become an internet star. Houston nutjobs Sol Uresti and Juan Johnson didn’t set themselves on fire, but they came up with a pretty crazy idea along those same ill-advised lines: playing beer pong in the middle of a busy Houston freeway.

Uresti says they weren’t stupid enough (really?) to use alcohol, but they did set up shop in a high traffic area where they could have easily been nailed by a car and almost did at least once.

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“We pulled out the table. We set it up, put Hawaiian punch, grabbed the balls, had the table and put it right here in the middle,” Uresti said.

And they’ve accomplished their mission. The video has received over 106,000 views, 1,155 shares and 700 comments on Facebook. Although the men were not charged with a crime, police caution against copycat incidents.

“Doing this prank can affect not only yourself, the people in the intersection and also people who will copycat the situation,” HPD Officer John Williams said.

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