She pulled out a taser and electrocuted her downstairs in one of the most ill-advised party stunts we’ve ever seen YouTube Screenshot

There’s plenty of solid drinking games out there to enjoy with friends during a relatively quiet night of throwing a few back. Beer pong, flip cup, hell, even go fish. But these partiers decided to get a little dangerous with their get-together festivities and play a game of “tase the private parts,” and it looked every bit as painful as you can imagine.

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Video of the said tasing shenanigans just shows a girl in her underwear electrocuting her downstairs, but judging from a comment made by one of the brainiacs in the video, it definitely seemed to be a tase, tase, pass situation.

But hey, at least everyone was able to have a nice laugh about it, right? We’d say don’t try this at home, but we think the video serves as enough of a precaution.

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