The dramatic build-up of a naked man in the crowd preparing to streak and the payoff afterwards are the best things you’ll see all day VidMe/AzBerg

Be warned: bare butt will be seen.

Can we talk about the best damn thing on the internet today?

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If you’ve ever wondered just what leads up to a person stripping down and streaking across a field at a sporting event, knowing full well that they will be tackled, jailed, fined and banned for life, look no further than this video.

A good person had the camera rolling when a dude with no pants on in the crowd contemplated his next move carefully.


This is a slow burner, but once he musters just the right amount of stupidity, this guy takes care of the rest.

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The man completely derailed the rugby match between the All Blacks and Lions with his antics and, clearly, he was not at all deterred by the freezing cold temperatures outside. 

Right after Rhys Webb scored a try for the Lions, the streaker struck.


Do yourself a favor: get your popcorn ready, watch the wheels turn in this guy’s head and laugh when the wheels come off.

You will not regret it.

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