These dudes maybe took things a little too literally in their attempt to shotgun a beer YouTube Screenshot

When it comes to shotgunning beer, you’re presented with the ultimate chance to separate the men from the boys. The ability to chug beer from the bottom of a can with lightning fast speed is truly an art, yet it’s also a pretty cut and dry technique, which doesn’t need any flashy lights or shiny sequins to make it pop.

But there always has to be those guys who just can’t let things be and try to spice things up. Enter one dude with a BB gun and another who’s ready to chug some beer.

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These buddies thought it would be a bright idea to have one of them hold the can of beer, while the other shot the can so the first guy could shotgun the beer.

That’s one way to get your eye shot out, but luckily for them, no one was injured in the process. That being said, here’s two guys who are definitely ready for the weekend.

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