This guy shows how many turtles it takes to shotgun a beer YouTube Screenshot

We’re not sure what’s gotten into college kids these days. But is it too much to ask for these kids to open their own damn beers?

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Not too long ago, we saw a group of college spring breakers using the teeth of a dead shark to assist them in shotgunning some brews. And this time around, we’ve got this piece of work rolling a beer to a turtle with the hopes of catching an assist.

The alligator snapping turtle didn’t appear the slightest bit pleased and chomped down on the can with some serious might. And like clockwork, the beer rolled back to frat boy, who then proceeded to down the beer.

Then came the ultimate douche move, when the dude threw his finished beer right at the turtle who looked at it as if to say “are you serious, bro?” Next time, the turtle should try opening a beer on this guy’s face and see if he likes it.

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