This hair-raising motorcycle crash looks like a movie stunt, but it’s the real deal YouTube Screenshot

Yes, this video was shot in L.A. and yes it looks like it could be an outtake of a stunt from some action movie.

But the harrowing clip is actually helmet cam footage of a high speed crash that happened on a freeway when the motorist carelessly crossed over into the carpool lane. Somehow, the motorcyclist appeared to escape serious injury and landed on the trunk of the car.

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You can’t rip the driver of the car enough, though. On top of being completely careless, he committed multiple infractions like pulling into the carpool lane in the wrong spot and apparently trying to flee the scene of an accident. Because there’s just no way he didn’t hear a motorcycle traveling at least 50 mph slam into the back of his car, not to mention a man landing on it.

You have to to give the biker his props here. All things considered, he kept a pretty cool head.

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