This possibly drunk guy flung himself onto a car in Singapore and then expected to get paid for it Facebook Screenshot

It’s far from subtle, or sane for that matter, but hurling oneself into the path of an oncoming car has been done multiple times in Singapore as a means of extracting money from motorists.

And it happened again over the weekend when Terry Loo was driving along the highway and saw a man in the middle of the road. Loo stopped his vehicle, but the man suddenly began sprinting towards the car and threw himself onto the windshield.

Loo, whose dashcam recorded the whole thing, said his son and daughter were also in the car, and they all watched in shock as the man violently kicked and punched the car after landing on the hood. When Loo got out of the car, the man said he was injured and wanted monetary compensation.

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“He held up three fingers, I think to ask for $300,” Loo said.

But when Loo pointed to the camera on his car’s dash, the 35-year-old man stopped demanding money. Police were alerted by another motorist that a man believed to be drunk was on the highway causing trouble and he was subsequently arrested for committing a rash act.

Similar cases have been reported in the past in Singapore, including two in the past two years where men were caught on video hurling themselves at moving cars.

Talk about one hell of a dangerous scam.

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