Here’s the insane moment a truck tries to ram another truck and goes barreling through a guard rail YouTube screenshot

Video captured by a motorist in Mexico shows the shocking moment when a road rage incident between two truckers reaches catastrophic levels and one forces the other off a freeway overpass.

A car following closely behind filmed the incident, which begins with the two trucks jockeying for position and quickly escalates into a frightening scene as they approach a bridge.

With neither driver appearing to give way, the driver of the flatbed begins ramming the back of the other truck with his vehicle. This results in hazardous clouds of debris and dust for the cars behind.

Then, almost without warning, the flatbed veers towards side of the road as he’s apparently attempting to once again ram the other truck, but misses and goes barreling through the guardrail and off the overpass.

Incredibly, no one was injured in the crash.

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