Watch four crazy Canadians break the beer mile relay world record without even puking YouTube screenshot

When a Notre Dame college student ran a half marathon in under two hours while chugging 13 beers along the way, we were thoroughly impressed. But what four Canadian dudes just did in breaking the beer mile relay world record over the holiday weekend might be even more spectacular.

For one, their race was a sprint. Four dudes each chugging a beer then running 400 meters as fast as they could. If you’ve ever sprinted 400 meters, you know that alone could make you puke your guts out. Their record-setting time was 4:03:33, which breaks down to about a minute per person and that’s a pretty good clip without a stomach full of beer. The previous record was 4:06.

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Oh yeah, and for some reason, they did with craft beer and that only makes the whole thing harder than it would be with a watered down light beer. In an interview with Hop Culture, one of the runners, Andrew Hall, discussed their record-setting feat.

“Because we were only doing one beer for this record attempt, the training was mostly in the running,” he said. “Running a 53 second 400m takes a lot of work for washed up old runners like us. If you?re training for beer miles, though, the best tip we can give you is to expand your stomach for a few days before with big meals and lots of water…going out and doing laps with practice beers in between to get your body used to the punishment.”

About choosing to do it with craft beer over light beer, Hall said it really just came down to it being more delicious.

‘Well, there is some practicing for the beer drinking section of the relay that needs to be done in order to break the world record,” he joked. “If we were going to be training drinking, it might as well have been delicious local craft beer, right?!”

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