Watch people discuss that cringeworthy moment when they caught their parents having sex YouTube Screenshot

Just the idea of your parents having sex is cringe city. But actually catching them in the act is something that could leave such an imprint on your brain that a lifetime of memories couldn’t wipe it away (seeing The Exorcist for the first time comes to mind).

YouTube channel WatchCut Video recently released a clip of people, along with one of their parents, discussing that fateful moment when they caught them doing the nasty.

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Maybe the funniest interview is with a young woman who says she was about seven-years-old when she caught her parents and it was so “horrible” that she remembers it like it just happened.

“I was asleep and I had heard my mom moaning,” she recalled. “I thought he was hurting her so I remember getting stuffed animals and throwing them at her bedroom door and yelling at him to stop hurting her.”

The whole thing’s hilarious and sure to stir up some trauma if you’re one of the unfortunate ones that have been there.

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