Watching an eagle snatch a fish out of the sky in slow motion is as majestic as we hoped Facebook/Event Lofoten
Facebook/Event Lofoten

Let’s take a temporary trip to an archipelago in Norway called Lofoten, where an eagle flying majestically over a tour boat operated by Event Lofoten snatched a fish out of mid-air to the delight of all onlookers.

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The video, which is in slow motion, only adds to the beauty of the eagle in its natural sea habitat acquiring a snack.

A guide threw an alley-oop pass and the eagle absolutely crushed it, effortlessly catching the fish with its talons.

Time to feed the whole family.

Facebook/Event Lofoten

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While you watch, take note of the breathtaking mountains in the background.

On the Event Lofoten website, they described the area as a “place where you can forget about everyday life and experience something completely different.”

“Lofoten is the place where the sun never goes down during the summer. Even in the winter, Lofoten Islands shine with the northern lights and various adventures,” they say. “Lofoten is where you really get close to nature, surrounded by mountains and sea. Lofoten is unparalleled as the most beautiful part of our already beautiful country.”

Yeah, we’re sold.

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