When they busted out the 500-pound knife, we knew something awesome was about to happen YouTube Screenshot

If you know anything about the fellas over at Megabots, you know they don’t do anything half-assed, and their latest experiment is a true testament to that.

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They had a used Toyota sitting around and it was in pretty rough shape, but before they sent it off to the junkyard, they wanted to see what else they could do to finish off the car. In comes a 10-foot, 500-pound knife.

They wanted to see what would happen if they dropped the giant knife onto the top of the vehicle from a crane 40 feet in the air. What they got was an impressive stabbing right through the roof of the car. Seeing this drop from 40 feet was cool and all, but they’ve left us wanting more. Maybe they should give it a go from 100 feet, now that would be something.

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