Ahead of the Daytona 500, fans are seriously pissed over the Monster Energy girls’ sexy clothing Twitter Screenshot

With the opening event of the NASCAR season behind us, we’re eagerly awaiting this week’s Daytona 500. But it seems like not everything with be completely smooth sailing leading up to it, as some fans have a serious problem with the outfits worn by some of the affiliates of the new sponsor.

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It was announced last December that Sprint would no longer be the lead sponsor for the NASCAR racing series and would be replaced by Monster Energy. So it’s only natural that the Monster Energy girls would be present for the inaugural race. The only problem was some of the fans felt their clothing fell a little on the skimpy side.

Apparently these bitter fans aren’t too aware of some of the past women involved in NASCAR, but one fan was quick to point that out when he posted a tweet showcasing some of the skimpy digs of the past.


We just hope they don’t overreact. Besides, what goes together better than hot chicks and fast cars?

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