ESPN radio host Mike Greenburg reveals the absolutely psychopathic way he eats every single food @GeorgeFoster72/Twitter

Mike Greenburg has always seemed like the kind of guy whose idea of letting loose might consist of playing online chess after 10 p.m. on a weeknight.

But the co-host of ESPN radio show Mike and Mike in the Morning admitted recently that when it comes to eating habits, he’s got one quirk that falls more in line with what you might expect from a cinematic psychopath.

“I eat everything with a knife and fork,” Williams told c0-host Mike Golic and shocked ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Williams, who then asked Greenburg if that included sandwiches. “That’s correct. Hamburgers (also).”

Golic followed by shedding even more light on how truly bizarre Greenburg’s cutlery habit really is.

“Jay, chicken wings,” Golic chimed in. “Knife and fork.”

Somehow, Greenburg had a logical defense—for the wings at least. The mess often created by wing sauce, he explained, is unavoidable when you use your hands. That we get. You could even get away with eating pizza that way without looking like a crazy person. But sandwiches? Sorry, Mike. Some things just can’t be explained away and using utensils to eat foods that the rest of the civilized world eats with just their hands is certainly one of them.

(h/t Uproxx)

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