Look at this ridiculous soccer player dropping bodies left and right on his way to the goal Twitter Screenshot

This is one hell of a way to score a goal. Check out this soccer player, who goes by MJ Hudson on Twitter, pull a series of insane moves that leaves two of his opponent literally broken and writhing on the ground.

Hudson—who seems to be playing in what looks like an amateur soccer league—comes down the sideline with ball, pulls right and crosses the penalty mark. He goes to the right of one opposing defender and then immediately slices left, getting in between the first defender and a second. Both men on the opposing team straight-up go down. Their ankles look absolutely ruined and, while these folks are clutching their legs in agony, Hudson turns, dodges a third defender—pulling the ball back—and goes for the shot. The goalie, in a totally jackleg move, dives way early and Hudson shoots, the ball sailing right over the goalie’s head and into the top of the goal.

Look at that shot! It’s totally effortless and absolutely aided by the fact that the goalie looks like he’s ducking. Hell, maybe he’s scared of this guy, too. I sure as hell would be.

The shooter leisurely jogs off the field, totally ignoring the fact that he’s just taken out two members of the opposing team and probably given them serious ankle injuries. He’s demoralized the shit out of this team. I wonder how these folks even recovered from a play like that.

And what does the successful scorer have to say for himself? On Twitter, his only caption is “Goal from sat” with a soccer ball emoji. Forget whatever league this is—any player who can pull off a move like that and totally ruin a game for the opposing team deserves to be pro.


(h/t Barstool Sports)

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