Rugby match gets out of control with this all-out brawl DailyMotion Screenshot

It goes without saying that rugby is one of the toughest sports around, and the athletes that play it are pretty badass themselves. So, it’s usually no big surprise when a scuffle breaks out because of a hard tackle.

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But in a recent match between Nice and Bedarrides, a bit more than just a light scuffle broke out. These fellas engaged in a full-blown brawl with everyone involved. One guy was dealt a pretty unfortunate hand, as he was dragged away from his teammates, only to be pummeled by numerous dudes from the other team.

After nearly two minutes, the melee was over and we can only assume the match went off without a hitch. Because if it hadn’t, there would be much more footage to show.

Le match du Stade Niçois dégénère en bagarre... by nice-matin
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