Tom Brady has gone full-on conspiracy mode, bringing out suspect board and everything in the hunt for his missing Super Bowl jersey Instagram Screenshot

Many of you may remember that during the chaos that ensued following the New England Patriots’ huge Super Bowl LI win, Tom Brady had his Super Bowl jersey stolen, a jersey that is valued at $500,000. 

The police, the Texas Rangers (not the baseball team) and the NFL are already on the hunt for the 1st degree felon, but Brady himself decided to don his detective’s cap and created this elaborate “suspect board,” that we have to admit is pretty damn impressive. If this whole football thing doesn’t work out, maybe Tom could have a career in law enforcement.

With suspects like Julian Edelman, Lady Gaga, the “Crab People” from South Park, Jaws, Gollum and the clown who stole Air Bud, Tom is clearly having a little bit of fun at his own expense.

You know who’s not having fun right now? Patriots fans everywhere, who all had a collective heart attack after seeing the third most important thing in their lives next to God and family wipeout during a recent skiing trip.

Come on, Tom!

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