Chael Sonnen thinks if Conor McGregor has a good showing against Floyd Mayweather, it could be bad for boxing YouTube Screenshot

With the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor all but locked down, it appears like this thing is actually going to happen. But one UFC veteran says that if McGregor makes through even one round, it will be damaging to the sport of boxing.

Chael Sonnen recently told Fight Hub TV, “The public dismisses boxing as a fringe, fake, and phony sport, and the public may just be right!”

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While the potential is there for McGregor to have a good showing, especially with Mayweather being a defensive fighter, only time will tell how the fight will play out. If McGregor pushes the pace, or if Mayweather takes a more offensive strategy, all bets are off.

“If Conor McGregor lasts 30 seconds with Floyd Mayweather it discredits boxing, and I think he will,” Sonnen said. “If Conor McGregor makes it out of one round with Floyd Mayweather, the entire sport of boxing is a fake, phony myth, and that’s the kind of pressure they’re under.”

Sonnen is rather good at exaggerating and terrific at shaking things up, but if McGregor has a good showing, it could easily give the sport of boxing a real wake-up call.

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