Former UFC fighter says she met Vladimir Putin under some pretty crappy circumstances YouTube screenshot

Retired MMA fighter Julie Kedzie literally had doodie in her pants when she met Vladimir Putin in 2007.

But not because of his reputation as an intimidating authoritarian who wrestles grizzly bears for fun. Kedzie actually crapped herself during a match in St. Petersburg, Russia just prior to meeting Putin.

She told Joe Rogan that it happened during her BodogFight: Clash of the Nations bout, but she wasn’t aware of it until after she was whisked away along with a few other fighters to go and meet Putin.

“I’m standing there in fight close,” Kedzie told Rogan on his podcast. “I?m like, ?What is that smell?? I had seen a guy puking backstage because of a headshot and I thought I must have rolled in it or stepped in it. I smelled so bad…Other people were allowed to shower but they just put me on the bus and didn?t tell me where I was going…”

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Kedzie said it was when she went to the bathroom to clean herself up that she finally made the discovery.

?I end up going to the restroom and there?s just shit caked all over,? she said. “And I?m like, ?How did I shit myself?? It must have been in between rounds. It was disgusting. There?s no trash can. It?s all silk and gold in this beautiful palace, so I just take my panties off and roll them up and shove them behind the toilet.”

Evidently, that’s what happens when you invite a bunch of UFC fighters to your mansion.

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