Joe Rogan thinks the UFC seriously screwed up by not including these brothers in UFC 209 YouTube Screenshot

With UFC 209 just around the corner, UFC commentator Joe Rogan feels as if some serious money could’ve been made if the company could’ve included Nate and/or Nick Diaz on the card.

With the overwhelming amount of pay-per-views in the UFC, the events can be hit or miss. Some cards are stacked, with big draw fight after big draw fight. While others, might have trouble garnering viewers, if they were air on FS1

Rogan feels that if the the Diaz brothers were on this card, it would surpass 2 million PPV purchases, no problem.

Apparently, there are multiple problems, The Diaz brothers want to get paid, as they should be, and the UFC doesn’t see eye-to-eye with them when it comes to compensation.

You’d figure any card with either Diaz, or both at that, would be a surefire hit. We think Joe’s onto something, and hopefully they can make this happen in the near future. We’d pay for it.

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