Pearl Gonzalez was all set to make her UFC debut, but apparently you’re not allowed to fight with breast implants YouTube Screenshot

Update —

Late Friday afternoon, it was revealed that Pearl Gonzalez was in actuality medically cleared to fight in UFC 21o on Saturday.

Pearl Gonzalez was all smiles following her UFC weigh-in on Friday morning. The 30-year-old fighter, who had a 6-1 record in MMA bouts prior, had worked tirelessly to cut weight to make her UFC debut at UFC 210 Saturday night in a strawweight match-up against Cynthia Calvillo.

But even though she made weight for the fight, Gonzalez was pulled from the card all because of her breast implants.

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According to the New York State Athletic Commission, females fighters are apparently not allowed to compete with implants in New York, though before the incident involving Gonzalez, there were instances where fighters with implants were in fact permitted inside the Octagon.

It’s unclear why officials waited until the last possible minute to inform Gonzalez of the violation, but it remains a crushing blow for the MMA star.

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