Photos emerge of a mean and lean Chuck Liddell, and his trainer says comeback depends on opponent @chuckliddell/Instagram

Chuck Liddell has done it all in the world of combat sports. Along with a storied career that includes stints in collegiate wrestling and amateur kickboxing, he’s widely credited with bringing mixed martial arts and the UFC to the American mainstream.

But at the age of 47, not to mention the fact that his last three fights ended with him being brutally knocked out, many critics scoff at the idea of a Liddell comeback. The possibility, however, has been floated before. Back in 2013, Liddell talked about a George Foreman-like resurgence on the Opie and Anthony radio show, and now there’s new evidence of a possible return to the Octagon.

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Over the past few weeks, Fox sports reporter and MMA trainer Jay Glazer has been posting video of the two working out together and Liddell also posted a picture of himself looking as lean and mean as ever.

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Liddell has yet to either confirm or deny being on the comeback trail, but on the Anik and Florian podcast Tuesday, his trainer John Hackleman gave every indication that things could be leaning that way.


?…I always said, it?s whatever is in his heart,” Hackleman said. “And plus, 3 million bucks? Who is gonna tell someone, ?No. I?m not going to allow you to make $3 million?? Which is more than most people make in three lifetimes. ?It would all depend on the match… I?m not gonna name who I would let him fight ? well, it?s not up to me to let him fight or not ? but who I would OK (him fighting) and who I wouldn?t…So it would all depend on the opponent.”

Stay tuned. This thing appears to be picking up steam.

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