UFC fighter Chris Weidman recalls literally the crappiest moment of his life @LynchOnSports/Twitter

We’ve heard stories about UFC fighters crapping their pants before, but none have come even remotely close to middleweight contender Chris Weidman’s disturbing doodie drama.

Weidman, who returns to the Octagon Saturday for a match-up against Gegard Mousasi after a loss last November to Yoel Romero dropped his record to 13-2, recounted that vile story  in a recent interview.

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And it’s one of those rare instances where detail in a story does more harm than good. In short, though, Weidman’s highly unfortunate pants shitting incident happened when he was 15 and it was so explosive, he ended up covered neck to toe in number two.

?I was on the way to the airport for a big wrestling tournament,? Weidman said. ?…And then the next thing I knew I felt like my stomach was really hurting me. So my dad finally pulled over to a gas station next to the airport. I get out and walk to the gas station, there was a couple of people in line. I finally get to the front of the line, I?m holding my butt cheeks as best as I can. I get to the gas attendant and I say ?Hey can I have the key to the bathroom?? He goes ?One moment? and as soon as he said that, I just completely ? ah man, it went up to my neck, literally up to my neck, down to my ankles, down to my shoes right onto the floor.”

That’s some vivid storytelling. Frighteningly vivid.

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