Unusually clean video from 1939 NFL game shows how far football has come @SportsFunhouse/Twitter

Watching video footage of of a pre-World War II era pro football game is normally like watching a Keystone Cops film from 1912.

The frame rates are always too fast and the picture quality itself too grainy to take seriously. But this one from 1939 is a lot different. It’s cleaner and more vivid than anything we’ve ever seen before 1960 and the frame rate actually seems right.

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That level of detail, though, also shows how much bigger, faster, stronger and more athletic players have gotten. Imagine dropping Adrian Peterson or DeSean Jackson into this game. They’d never be touched. Or setting J.J. Watt loose on this Detroit Lions offense.

With the amount of advancement we’ve seen since then, don’t be surprised to see football played on the moon in another 78 years, as athletes are likely to have outgrown the standard parameters of a football field.

And maybe even Earth’s gravity.

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