Watch this Japanese pool player give one of the most electric post-game interviews in the history of the sport YouTube Screenshot

Remember the name Naoyuki Oi, because this professional billiards player has star power written all over him.

After winning a match that sent him to the quarterfinals of the World Pool Masters in Gibraltar, Oi gave one of the most hilarious, off-the-wall post-game interviews in recent memory.

Just check it out:

It’s official: “Congratulations meeeee!  Yayyyy!” is the new “I’m going to Disney World.” Oh, and if you were confused by the whole apple-pen thing at the end, apparently it’s a reference to some viral Japanese video, so if you’re into weird humor, you should probably give that a watch.

This isn’t Oi’s first rodeo when it comes to crazy soundbites. Even his partner could barely keep it together during this interview from the 2015 World Cup of Pool.

Congratulation you for getting to witness one of the most electric pool players in the history of the game.

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