When victory seemed out of sight, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett went right for the eye gouge Twitter Screenshot

“Two pumps gets you a baby. Three pumps get you a fine.”

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett fired off that beauty of a quote back in December after getting fined more than $12,000 for a thrust-heavy sack dance in a game against the Los Angeles Rams.

Bennett is no stranger to fines brought on by excessive celebration, and he was fined several times throughout the 2016 season for his celebratory antics. Somehow he was able to avoid a fine a couple weeks later (at least as far as we could tell) for a much more egregious penalty, when he straight-up gouged the eyes of Atlanta Falcons offensive tackle Ryan Schrader during their divisional round playoff match-up.

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It’s a move that should have earned Bennett a fine, though a quick search through Google doesn’t turn up any specifics regarding an exact dollar amount penalty, and those numbers are not hard to fine for some of Bennett’s seemingly less serious on-field missteps.

At least the NFL seems to have it’s priorities straight…

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