Winning a CFB championship is a massive undertaking, so what better than a speech from The Phenom himself? Twitter/@CoachTomHerman

It’s easy winning a championship in college football, especially when people like Nick Saban stick around as long as he has.

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You might even say that it’s a massive undertaking. So who better to pump you up for the season than The Undertaker?

There to help the Texas Longhorns transition from the forgettable Charlie Strong era to new beginnings with Tom Herman was The Undertaker, clearly a superfan.

The Dead Man reminisced about how he felt at that age, that he could rule the world.

“I bet my heart races about 180 watching you guys go through that drill,” he said. “You gotta work like that when ain’t nobody watchin’.”

“Who wants to get this belt from me?” he challenged the players.

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It’s not the first time University of Texas football has gotten a speech from a major celebrity.


If doesn’t make you want to put on the pads and hit like a train, nothing will.

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