A new sex survey found that there’s a decent amount of people out there who really don’t know what cheating is

What constitutes cheating? As you might expect, that’s a question with no clear cut answer and one that, according to a new study, not very many people understand.

Health and wellness website Superdrug’s Online Doctor surveyed over 2,000 people on what they believe counts as cheating and the results point to one alarming fact: There are a decent amount of people out there that don’t see what most people view as cheating (kissing, oral sex, intercourse) as actually cheating.

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The study did, however, come up with the rather sane finding that 99 percent of women and 97 percent of men agree that having sexual intercourse with another person is being unfaithful. That doesn’t take away much from the one percent of women and three percent of men who don’t believe having sex with someone else is cheating at all, though.

The ignorance went up when it came to oral sex, with 2.4 percent of women and 3.4 percent of men saying that going down on another person was definitely not cheating. And it only got worse from there. Making out was not viewed as cheating by 11.5 percent of women and 19.3 percent of men, and heavy petting, which is defined as erotic contact by two people involving stimulation of the genitals but stopping short of full-on sex, also wasn’t seen as infidelity by 11.5 percent of women and a whopping 24.7 percent of men.

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That’s a lot to process, but if you really believe that even kissing another person isn’t cheating, infidelity is in your future. Or might already be in your past.

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