A pretty substantial number of people think this needs to happen before they’re ready to go south in the bedroom

Personal hygiene is something that should be taken very seriously, especially when it comes to partaking in oral sex. But sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and dive right into things, even if you haven’t had a chance to freshen up.

According to the Daily Star, Sapio interviewed over 2,000 participants for a new survey about deal breakers and sexual no-nos and a decent amount of people choose cleanliness before sexy time. Bad news for all you smelly, spontaneous folks out there.

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When asked about if it’s ever okay to be unclean before oral sex, 39.4 percent said a shower is a must before there’s any going down.

The results also showed that 29.6 percent of those surveyed were grossed out by getting busy during that time of the month, with 16.4 percent opposing masturbation in front of their partner, and 14.5 percent feeling that porn is to be done alone and not shared.

We’re not sure who these people are, but they could stand to loosen up a bit. Relax, it’s just sex!

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