According to a new study, these are the top cities in the world where people are having the most sex Creative Commons

A new study just ranked the world’s most sex positive cities — cities where people are getting laid the most — and the top 10 doesn’t hold much in the way of surprise.

The study, conducted by mobile erotica company Lazeeva, defined sexual positivity as “having or promoting an open, tolerant, or progressive attitude towards sex and sexuality.” And they ranked cities based on categories that include how sexually active people are, how satisfied they are, how often they watch porn, gender equality and LGBT friendliness.

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Over 450,000 people around the world were surveyed and out of the 100 cities that were ranked, the top three were as follows:

Paris, a city long recognized as a symbol of romance, unsurprisingly came in at at number one. But love, in this case, takes a back seat to having more hookup potential than any other urban setting in the world.

Number two on the list, Rio de Janeiro, is also an expected entry. The birthplace of the thong bikini and the unofficial home of the best butts in the world has also been seen as one of the sexiest places on Earth for quite some time.

London, the third sexiest city on the list, is arguably the first surprise. There’s something about tea time and uptight British aristocrats that doesn’t gel with the idea of a sexy city. But there’s apparently a lot more going on behind closed doors in the U.K.’s biggest city than one would think.

At number four was Los Angeles, followed by Berlin, New York,  Sao Paulo (Brazil) Las Vegas, Ibiza (Spain) and Amsterdam. That’s only a very small portion of the list. You can see the entire list of 100 here.

So, if you’re single and ready to mingle (i.e. absolutely, positively score), there’s a lot of cities to choose from for your next sexcation.

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