According to one researcher, if you’re into older women, you may be an entirely different sexual orientation Instagram Screenshot

Just recently, Tinder updated its software to include a whopping 37 sexual orientations, and according to one Canadian researcher, the dating app company should probably consider adding a 38th. Not only is it one that a whole lot of the population will be able to identify with, it’s one that’s as commonplace as that crush you had on your best friend’s mom as a teenager.

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Michael C. Seto, the forensic research director at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, published an article recently that probes the complexities of sexual orientation and he concludes that those known scientifically as chronophilias target specific age groups. If you happen to be somebody that’s attracted to cougars and soccer moms, you’re something called a mesophile, which is at the completely opposite end of the spectrum (thank God) from another chronophilia group known as the pedophile.

Who knew that having the hots for a teacher or a neighborhood mom growing up put you in a whole different sexual orientation? That was likely the majority of us. Seto, nontheless, argues researchers find that having an attraction to certain age groups is out of the ordinary.

“I think nobody has studied mesophilia yet because it’s not seen as a pressing need clinically,” Seto says. “One of my hopes with this paper is to encourage people to look at mesophilia.”

Well, guess a lot of us are weirdos then. But if there’s something unusual about thinking Demi Moore is hot at age 54, we’ll take it.

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