According to recent Magnum condom sales, these are the 10 most well-endowed cities

The few and the proud, it turns out, isn’t just the catchphrase for a certain branch of the armed services. It’s also a pretty good description of the small percentage of well-hung American men out there, which a recent study puts at 3 percent.

And another recent study, conducted by online retailer, set out to find what cities house the country’s biggest schlongs. They based their research on the sales numbers of Magnum condoms because dudes never exaggerate when it comes to penis size (never mind the one-inch size discrepancies between two recent penis size studies).

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In any case, the study found that the top ten cities where the most Magnum condoms, which generally fit a penis length of 8 inches and up, are sold are as follows:

  1. Columbus, Ohio (82 percent)
  2. Denver, Colorado (73 percent)
  3. Chicago, Illinois (49 percent)
  4. Atlanta, Georgia (44 percent)
  5. Tuscon, Arizona (43 percent)
  6. Newark, Deleware (33 percent)
  7. Phoenix, Arizona (31 percent)
  8. Boston, Massachusetts (29 percent)
  9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (27 percent)
  10. Washington, D.C. (26 percent)

You probably shouldn’t put that much stock in this information, though. Especially when you consider that penis size may be the one thing that men universally lie about.

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