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What’s the right answer to that cringeworthy question that can often throw a fledgling couple off track for a little while? You know, how many people have you slept with in your life?

According to a study conducted by Illicit Encounters, a UK dating site for married couples (huh?), the correct answer is 12. Depending on your X or Y chromosome count, that could either be seen as too high or too low.

The study found that having had a dozen sexual partners in one’s life showed that person to be “sexually adventurous, liberal, and transient.” Meanwhile, those with less than ten partners were thought of as “too conservative” and “sexually inexperienced.”

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And the line between admirable casual sex and too much of it, the survey concluded, was drawn at 19 partners. Anything above that number set off the warning lights and considered the person “too selfish,” “difficult to please” or “too eager to jump from partner to partner.”

A dating site that caters to cheaters frowning upon promiscuity. More than a little irony there, eh?