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Monogamy is one of the foundations that most relationships are built upon. But even the most serious of relationships can lose their spark after time.

Even in the most happy of relationships, it’s only natural for the mind and body to become less stimulated when they are going through the same situations and motions on a regular basis. What used to excite us starts to become routine.

The brain produces less and less dopamine as things become routine, which leads to loss of interest in sex with one’s partner and can even lead to loss of function. This can be explained through a theory known as the Coolidge Effect, which is named, interestingly enough, after former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge and his wife observed the behavior of chickens on their farm and noticed a particular rooster working his way through multiple hens. Long story short, multiple partners tend to fair well for an individual.

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According to one study, men exposed to the same sexual stimuli became less and less aroused over time. While men who were shown varied sexual stimuli, maintained higher levels of sexual arousal. It sounds pretty cut and dry, more variety is good, less variety is bad.

There are ways of getting around this. If you’re single, then by all means mingle. However, if you’re in a monogamous relationship, spice things up from time to time. Change positions, be adventurous, but whatever you do, avoid the regular and routine.

(h/t Maxim)