Here’s why you should lay off the gum if you’re hoping to get lucky Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

If you’re an avid gum chewer and you’re experiencing trouble in the bedroom, there could be a good explanation for that.

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According to the NY Post, the process of chewing without swallowing can cause bloating as you take in air. Your body will be tricked into thinking it’s receiving food and it will produce enzymes, which can lead to gastric issues. And farting in bed can kill the mood pretty much quicker than anything.

Not only can chewing gum cause you to fart, but chewing peppermint gum can actually lead to other problems. Peppermint can lead to the repression of testosterone, which is not good news at all if you’re planning on getting or maintaining an erection.

So, next time you’re out on a date and you’re looking to freshen your breath, just pop a Tic Tac.

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