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There’s a new dating app on the market that aims to take your online dating profile to new heights with a number of tips and tricks that a lot of guys just can’t come up with on their own.

It’s called Hinge and among the Manhattan-based company’s lofty goals is to help people people find true love. Through some painstaking market research, its leadership team also found out a multitude of helpful stuff that should have interested women filling up your virtual mailbox.

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For instance, men are 43 percent more likely to receive likes on a profile photo that shows a smile without teeth. Men are also more likely (75 percent more) to receive likes on an image that shows them involved in a sporting activity.

Among the things guys should avoid in photos, according to the folks at Hinge, are pictures with other people in them, selfies taken in bathrooms and images where you’re looking anywhere but straight into the camera.

All this info doesn’t come free, however. It’s $7 a month, so you’ll need to decide if Hinge has more to offer than the mountain of free dating apps currently available.

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