If you’re being cheated on, here are the places it’s most likely to go down

Unfortunately, not all relationships have a solid foundation. For one reason or another, some people cheat. Whether it can be chalked up to being unsatisfied with their current situations or they’re a little on the promiscuous side, it just comes with the territory.

According to Men’s Health, a recent survey shows the frequency of cheaters and where they were most likely to do it. The survey conducted by Super Online Doctor asked 2,000 people questions regarding cheating and some of the answers were rather surprising.

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The majority of people fessing up to cheating said that it only happened once, but less than half of the cheaters admitted to having regular affairs. It was surprising to learn that women were more likely to say they cheated more than once at an astonishing 40 percent.

Women were more likely to cheat when they felt they were being ignored by their partner, while men were more likely to cheat if they found the person to be hot.

The cheaters often found their encounters close to home. Whether it’s with a friend (41 percent of women), someone they met at work (33 percent of women), or someone from social media (7 percent of women) or a dating app (5 percent of women), there wasn’t a shortage of places for them to look. Women also found companionship while out and about (18 percent), on a business trip (4 percent) or at a bar (12 percent).

So as long as your significant other isn’t spending too much time around any of those places or things, you should be good to go.

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