In addition to all of its other health benefits, boinking on the regular is also good for your heart Toronto Sun Screenshot

Numerous studies have been done that prove sex is good for your health. Regular orgasms can stave off prostate cancer, reduce stress and even help with pain relief.

And here’s another reason to keep wearing out that mattress: sex can keep your heart healthy. By reducing your levels of homocysteine, an amino acid associated with heart disease, sex on the regular can increase circulation and significantly decrease your chances of developing heart problems or having a stroke.

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Raised levels of homocysteine have also been linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, though, the heart health benefits of hittin’ skins don’t apply to women. The increased blood flow related to sexual arousal in men isn’t present in the opposite sex.

So although you’ve now got the ultimate counter for the old “not tonight I have a headache” excuse, you’re kind of still in the same boat.

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