It turns out that Monday is the least likely day to get laid, giving us another reason to hate the start of the week Creative Commons

Monday has always been the slowest party day of the week, so it’s probably no coincidence that condom sales patterns show this as the day people are least likely to get busy. Either that or the box of rubbers you bought on Friday never saw the light of day over the weekend.

In any case, a new study by on-demand groceries company Instacart concludes that most condoms are bought on Friday or Saturday, with sales decreasing steadily until Monday and then picking back up on Thursday for what’s historically become the start of the party weekend.

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Incidentally, those numbers line up perfectly with the notion of putting those jimmy hats to use some time during the weekend, which has also historically become when most guys think they’re gonna get laid.

Just what we all needed. Another reason to hate Mondays.

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