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A recent sex trend called “stealthing,” where a dude removes the condom in an effort to knock up his partner unbeknownst to her, has women everywhere freaking out and for damn good reason.

According to Teen Vogue, there is a new study that documents “stealthing” and shows that it is indeed a problem. As if the practice itself weren’t messed up enough, there are apparently chat rooms and forums online where men tell other men how to get away with “stealthing” without getting busted.

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Alexandra Brodsky, who conducted the study for the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, was inspired to do so after several of her friends were “struggling with forms of mistreatment by sexual partners.”

From what we can gather, there are douchebros out there who are foggy on the whole idea of consent and that love the idea of paying child support so bad that they’re willing to do so by any means necessary. It doesn’t really get much more twisted than that.