New research shows that being handsome isn’t enough on its own to pick up women Gif Screenshot

If you’ve always thought that being good-looking was the key to picking up women, you’re only half right.

It turns out, according to new research, that hooking up is only partially dependent on looks. How good you smell and how soothing your voice is (wait, what?) are also things that factor into one’s ability to score.

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While the voice thing may see odd (it definitely does), researchers conclude it can reveal things like how dominant a person is, how cooperative they are and even how big a person’s body is. Your scent can unveil similar information about you.

These two seemingly innocuous traits can let a potential mate know if you’d make a good partner or not.

“Acoustic and olfactory cues can, separately or in combination, strongly influence the perceived attractiveness of an individual and therefore attitudes and actions and actions towards that person,” suggests Agata Groyecka, one of the study’s lead authors.

So, if you’re hoping to score with the ladies, you should probably stock up on some good cologne and maybe also take some pointers from Barry White.

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