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It’s hardly new information that the guy walking the dog will without exception attract more female attention. But a new study illuminates just how much better you really look with man’s best friend by your side.

Stuffed animal company Petsies surveyed 1,000 Americans, showing participants pictures of people holding different dogs and cats. Men who were holding puppies were seen as roughly 24 percent sexier than those who weren’t. And the positives didn’t end there. Men with puppies were also seen as 14 percent more trustworthy and 13 percent more attractive.

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The study also differentiated between how women view men with different sizes of dogs.

Per Maxim:

The survey found that men who were holding small and medium-sized dogs were seen as 3.4 percent sexier by women, and men with large dogs were only 2 percent sexier. But get this – men with large dogs were perceived as 12 percent more trustworthy, compared to 8.5 percent with a small dog, and 6 percent with a medium dog.

So, if you’re hanging out with a massive Rottweiler or a Doberman or something, it’d only make you look a tiny bit sexier, but a lot more trustworthy. On the other hand, if you’re hanging out with a sweet little puppy, you’ll look significantly sexier than you normally would, and you’ll seem like a super trustworthy dude.

Looking for that perfect dating accessory? Forego that expensive pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and get yourself a puppy instead.