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You’re probably familiar with the idea of Netflix and chilling. You know, when you ask someone you’re interested in over to your place to watch a show or movie on Netflix with the hopes of getting lucky later on in the evening. Well, it turns out that there’s actually been a whole lot more Netflixing than chilling going on in recent years, as a study reveals that Americans are having way less sex than they used to and that streaming services such as Netflix are likely to blame.

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According to new research published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, Americans have been having sex nine times fewer a year in the early 2010s than they did in the 1990s, putting the yearly sex total at somewhere in the low 50s.

Part of the decline may be that fewer couples are living together than they did twenty-some years ago, but Jean Twenge, one of the authors of the study, says that streaming services and cell phones may be another contributor.

“Entertainment is more entertaining now, it’s more on demand — you can access it anytime you want,” she says. “DVRs became more common right around that time, too.”

“Think about what’s happened over the last 10 years.”

Well, it does kind of make sense. So, in other words, if we want the next 10 years to be sexier than the previous 10, we should do a lot less binge watching and a lot more binge loving.

(h/t Fortune)

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