Sending nude pics to your significant other is actually really good for your relationship, study finds Brobible Screenshot

Once the cell phone camera was introduced, the sending of nude photos was not too far behind. In the days before that, people had to settle for dirty talk and phone sex. More often than not when you heard about people sending nudes, there’s a negative connotation attached it. But according to a new study, sending nude photos to your significant other can actually have a positive impact on your relationship.

According to the study of over 2,000 Americans and Europeans by DrEd, those that sexted more frequently had a higher level of satisfaction in their sex lives.

The study gleaned some pretty interesting information, such as the fact that women were less likely to send suggestive photos, with only half of them willing to send a sext to a long-term partner or spouse, while their male counterparts outranked them in the categories of one-night stand, new partner and casual partner.

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Also, not surprisingly, Europeans are just a little more willing to shoot over some nudes than us prudish Americans.

With this amazing revelation in the benefits of exchanging nude pics, it’s time to get those phones out and strengthen your relationships.

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