Sexual dry spells are part of life, but the way men and women deal with them is what’s really interesting Photo by VCG via Getty Images

Part of life as a human being is dealing with dry spells. Whether they last a few days or a few years (God forbid the latter), they’re just part of life. Both men and women have to deal with them, but it’s how they specifically cope that’s different, according to a survey conducted by British online pharmacy Superdrug Online Doctor.

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The survey, which consisted of 1,500 participants from Europe and America, found that the lengths of the dry spells vary based on relationship status. Single people average a two-month dry spell, while those that are married or are in a relationship average a week. So, no big news here, people with a partner usually get laid more than people without. What was surprising to find out is that divorcees tend to have the longest dry spells, which were just under three years.

While also participating in such extracurricular activities such as going to the gym, sleeping and binge watching TV, more men admitted to drinking more heavily while in a dry spell, while women admitted to going shopping. Of the men surveyed, 47 percent were willing to lower their standards if it meant having sex. While their female counterparts weren’t as willing, with only 16 percent willing to lower their standards.

If you’re in the middle of a dry patch, know you’re not alone. Just consider it a chance to catch up on sleep or your favorite television show.

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