Study suggests people are now looking for love in multiple places Men's Health screen shot

It seems there may be a change afoot for those looking for love.

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According to Men’s Health, the surprising trend is on the rise with more and more couples looking to be romantic with multiple partners. Amy Moors, Ph.D., director of social science research and evaluation for the College of Engineering at Purdue University, studied data that suggests between January 2006 and December 2015 the amount of people searching non-monogamy related terms on Google have increased.

She does admit that it’s unclear if the people are looking the terms up because their curious or if it’s because they’re interested in an alternative lifestyle. But nonetheless it shows that there is a stigma attached to non-monogamous relationships, which some see as unjust. But this could be a solution to lower the rate of divorce. If people are happier in their relationships, they’re most likely going to remain in them longer.

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