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It appears that the mile high club doesn’t have the appeal that it once did back in the day. Sure, the idea of getting it on in an airplane sounds pretty cool, but having sex at the airport itself is the new trend these days.

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Apparently, some people just can’t wait to get on a plane to get busy. According to a survey of 4,915 people by, 10 percent of the participants reported having sex in an airport. The results even give a rundown of where they manage to do so. 42 percent make their way to a bathroom to do the deed, while 28 percent duck into a storage closet, with another 12 percent giving a new meaning to VIP as they hook-up in a VIP lounge. The most surprising response was that an astounding 14 percent claimed they do it under a coat. First of all, is that even possible without getting caught? Which leads us to another finding: 17 percent of the sexually adventurous group admit to being busted. We’re guessing those were mostly the idiots doing it under a coat.

Next time you’re at the airport, be aware of your surroundings. If you see a couple duck into a storage closet, you know what they’re up to. And it’s probably not to stock up on paper towels.