There’s good news and then there’s bad news when it comes to gamers out there hoping to get laid Creative Commons

In a total catch-22 scenario, gamers are dealt the best and worst news they could ever want to hear. For those of the few video game junkies out there with a sex life, it appears there is scientific evidence that shows they ejaculate prematurely at a lower rate, but also could experience a lower sex drive.

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According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, gamers are less likely to blow their wads early. But with a lack of evidence between gaming and sexual health, they surveyed nearly 600 participants between the ages of 18-50. They were asked questions regarding ejaculation and erectile index as well as their lifestyle and gaming habits.

The data showed those that play games at least an hour a day showed a lower rate of premature ejaculation. But on the short end of the stick, the same participants were also shown to have a lower sex drive.

While this data is nowhere near perfect and definitely in its infancy, one thing appears to remain constant: those that play video games too much likely aren’t having sex too much anyway.

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