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A recent study shows a correlation between the frequency of sex and happiness, and if that doesn’t pique you’re attention, you’re either ignorantly blissful or have pretty much just given up at this point. The research shows we could benefit from the physical closeness between our partners and ourselves, which can help make long-term relationships happier over time.

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The participants included 1,000 Americans and 1,000 Europeans, who were surveyed on various topics such as sexual speed, sexual routines, climax and more.

According to, couples that had been together six months or less were more likely to have sex multiple times a day or at least once a day, while couples that had been together for more than 11 years were the most likely to rarely have sex with their partner.

The study also found that men are — duh — more likely to orgasm than women, with most men reaching climax more often with a one-night stand at 64 percent, while their women counterparts are more likely to have an orgasm with a long-term partner or spouse at 29 percent.

The numbers are heavily lopsided, but that shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone that’s been paying attention.

The most interesting thing was seeing the relationship between sex frequency and infidelity. For the most part, the data showed that the longer couples had been together, the more sexual satisfaction decreases. While the numbers did change, they weren’t too drastic. The big surprise was that the amount of women cheating was higher than men as the sexual satisfaction decreased and the length of the relationship increased.

So, for all of those people out there feeling as if their relationship is starting to take a turn for the worse, check out the results of this study to see if the demise of your relationship can be avoided.


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