They used to say nice guys finish last when it comes to getting lucky, but that’s no longer the case YouTube Screenshot

The old myth that good girls like bad boys doesn’t carry the same weight that it once did. According to researchers, it’s actually the opposite that holds true.

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A new Psch2Go video shows that the more kind you are, the more sex you’ll have. According to one study that interviewed 800 participants and asked them about their sexual history and how likely they were to engage in charitable acts, it was found that those that were more altruistic were more successful with sex and relationships.

Another study, made up of over 500 college students, asked about their sexual participation along with this specific question: “If you won $100, would you give it all to charity, keep all of it, or give some of it to charity?” Like the previous survey, those that were found to be more kind had a higher history of casual sex, long-term relationship sex and marital sex.

While some women do end up with bad guys, it’s usually due to their confidence, according to researchers. But they say that women are also into ambition, humor, kindness, intelligence and emotional availability. So, next time you think you need to be a bad guy to score a chick, give it a different approach and just be yourself. That is unless you’re just deep down a bad guy, which if that’s the case, just be nice, man!

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